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Kherson Ukraine is the city of two ports, a River and Sea port, that's why the Kherson trade port is connected with 42 countries of the world.

Kherson Ukraine stretches along the high right bank of the river Dnipro, this is the area where the Dnipro runs into many branches and forms many islands. Kherson Ukraine is situated on the plain territory called the Steppe.

The city's large railway junction connects Kherson Ukraine with Moscow, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Simferopol and other cities of the countries and CIS.

Modern Kherson Ukraine is the large city with the population of 402,9 thousand inhabitants (1997 stats) and the area of about 100 square km, the city is famous history and rich culture.

The Dnipro and the wide green zone of the city boundaries create magnificent conditions for the people of kherson and visitors.

The climate of Kherson Ukraine is of a moderate continental. The average temperature here is rather high - plus 9-10°C and the rainfall is quite small - only 320-400 mm. It remains to add that the frostless period in the region lasts for about 288 days and the sunny days in the year amount to 260-280. As you see Kherson Ukraine is one of the warmest cities in Ukraine.

Kherson Ukraine is has many parks and is one of the most «green» cities in Ukraine -On the territory of Kherson Ukraine we have quit a few urban parks. The Park of Lenin Comsomol, Lenin Park where the Great Oak of more than a hundred years old grows, We also have the Park of Glory which stretches above the Dniepro.

Kherson Ukraine is going threw the process of becoming a modern city in Ukraine.

Isn't It time you visit Kherson Ukraine.

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